For Tim Tebow It Really Comes Down To One Thing: The New York Mets Aren’t The New York Jets.

Well, that’s that. An article completed in a headline. A mystery to many, Tim Tebow Baseball, explained in a sentence with a colon in the middle. And two New York Professional Sports Teams many love and even more love to hate.

Tim Tebow would never admit it. But he became one of those who hated the New York Jets. Yeah, OK, in his own ‘I couldn’t be nicer if I was Canadian’, Tim Tebow way. But still…the Jets really miffed him. Because he’s convinced they lied. New Yorkers know they did. Why?

Because it’s the Jets. Of course they lied to Tebow. They’d lie to Jesus if they’d seen him standing there in Tim’s big shadow. Lying and Frustrating are half of what makes the Jets the Franchise they are. One even their own Fans sometimes just can’t stand.

Many believe the Mets are just as bad. Don’t any of those talk to Tim Tebow. He absolutely LOVES the Mets. They restored his faith in Professional Sports. Or, more specifically, Professional Sports Organizations. And the People who Own, Run and Work for them. The Mets have made a Fan of Tebow by simply doing what they said they were going to do. And by trying to help him be the best BallPlayer he can be. If that’s good enough, Oh Happy Days. If not, it won’t be for lack of trying on both parts.

And if it’s not, Tim Tebow can live with that knowing that he gave it everything he had and he did it for a Franchise that did the same in return. In Tim’s Book, well…that’s another book. (A much more upbeat one than the one he wrote after being a Jet for a year.)

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