And so it goes. It has been 7 weeks since Diana died and I’m still the same. Sick to every part of my being, completely crushed heart, aimless. It’s hard trying to feel like anything matters because she’s not here.

Nothing’s real until Diana sees it. So what does that make all this?

The Grief Counselor says I’, doing fine. Really? Are you looking at me. This is what it is, she says and it lasts for years. You don’t get through it. Ever. You simply learn to keep going.

Finally, someone saying something smart.

There is no getting through this. There is no normal. There is no life. There’s simply trying to find reasons to exist. And to keep at it. Right now that reason is you. My Readers. And those I’m working to help. But Diana was my only Editor. And watching People get helped was her great joy.

Watching her enjoy watching People get helped was mine.

Peace and Joy for Everyone. That was her mantra. I told her that was a tough one. Little did I know how right I was, as Peace and Joy are two things I’ll never again experience in this life.

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