Is It Fair To Judge A God By His People?

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Yesterday I had one of the most disheartening events of my life. The Heads of a Church I felt was helping me get through Diana’s death had taken the Troll Bait on some of the old stuff the young Football punks tried to turn readers off.

This shouldn’t have bothered me. It never did and, as Y’all know, I’ve had these stalkers and their leavings for many years. Part of the territory. Best ignored as much as possible and they usually go away. (To eventually be replaced by others, of course) Such was the case here. It was 4 or 5 year old stuff. The reason it hit me so hard is this.

I was searching when I met Diana and I had spent lots of time with Churches. Turning back to them when she died is one thing that made sense to me. Now I don’t have that. I don’t feel I can trust the Churches to be led by God as I try to heal. I now expect them to be just like everyone else. And that pain of her death is compounded with more emptiness.

More loss.

And so that brings me back to that question Long-Time Readers may remember from years past. It’s a question that comes up when Churches and those who claim to be People of Faith disappoint. Which, unfortunately, is pretty common and why so many are so turned off Churches, “Church People”, God or anything Spiritual or Greater than this Earth.

There’s no War on Christianity. There’s a War on the constant failing of Christians and the Churches who seem much more intent on the favor of a Secular Society than on being Representatives of God’s Greatness.

Churches have failed Democracy, failed Mankind, failed God. So is that enough to judge God for?

Churches act as though they are still the cowering Priests of Caesar than stewards of God’s Gift of Democracy. A Gift that says WE are now the Masters of Government and no longer its Servants. Churches have abdicated their responsibilities for the poor, the sick, the downtrodden. Pretty much everything and everyone.

Is it time to judge God for it yet?

Churches want Secular Society’s approval more than they want to live up to the awesome trust God has placed in them.

Can I judge God for that? Someone tell me when I can.

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