Violence And Homelessness, Terrifying Companions

How does a Beauty Queen and successful Singer who has worked with Musical Legends end up homeless? In Elizabeth McDowell’s case, it was Domestic Violence. A former Boyfriend beat her so badly she was unconscious for a week and in the Hospital for 6 weeks and Rehab for months. The hole in her skull still is long, wide and deep. Twice as wide and deep as my biggest finger and longer than my hand.

This after multiple surgeries.

Raised in a privileged household, surrounded by Celebrities, Elizabeth now doesn’t know who around her may be the next to do her serious harm. Maybe her Travel Companion who she sees as a Friend, while he has much greater sights and has already shown flashes of a dark side.

Living on the street will do that to some People, whether they have a history that would tip off potential problems or not. That leads to another issue with living on the street. The forging of uncertain friendships. Making friends is often a survival strategy of the Homeless.

It can also be what gets them killed.

Ash Wednesday and the Season of Lent approaches. The time to turn thoughts, hearts and good deeds to Elizabeth McDowell and others like her. Many can’t be easily helped. Their need for self-destruction is stronger than most abilities to help them.

But others like Elizabeth would welcome any help they can get and try to do what they can to turn that help into a hand up. Into a doorway out of the dark and often dangerous and deadly Haunted House of Homelessness that holds them hostage.

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