Why Did My God Particle Do This To Me?

Long time Readers know my thing about Facts and Atheists. Neither exist. As for the former, no Facts exist in any form humans would fully understand. Everything is our tiny snippets we convince ourselves represent Fact. Truth is they represent nothing. As for Atheists, I think we have many disheartened with God and those who claim to live for Him. (Please allow this to stretch across the bounds of all Faiths, Religions, etc.)

Scientists have long be a Faithful bunch. Until recently when being a Fake Atheist became all the rage. But we’re slowly returning to the long-held belief by those in Science that there is far more than we can understand and that almost certainly includes “beings” we don’t understand. God, Gods, whoever. Science and Religion have long gotten along far better than is often mentioned. We have DNA for “Future Evolution”…somebody programmed all of that “Future” development. And we have the God Particle.

Physicists now race to see who will be the 1st to definitively “prove” the Existence of God. That’s a far cry for just a few years ago when the push was to try to prove no such thing as “God” could possibly exist.

Physicists have their God Particles. Their final answers. Or will it merely be their initial answers. I don’t doubt God’s existence. I’m just struggling right now with his handiwork. Why am I still here and she isn’t? I don’t know if I’ll ever get past that one. I’ve been talking to Religious Representatives. Will the Scientists have any better answers? I know everybody has questions for God. I only have the one.

Why am I still here when she isn’t?

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