What began as coincidental requests by Representatives of two East African Nations is now the ‘Illumine Economy’.

Nearly a billion Supporters and over 400 million Marketers and an annual Economic Influence of over $40 Trillion. After years of preparation and years more laying the groundwork, Illumine can now be called a True Global Economy. Fully functioning, fully capable of carrying the hopes of billions on its shoulders.

Also capable of sustaining itself through any disruptions those other economies throw at the World. That was the plan all along. A plan now fully realized as ‘The Illumine Economy’ now begins establishing Financial Self-Sufficiency for billions around the World and becomes the Guidepost for the World’s competing Economies.

This is the day that was promised all those years ago when I agreed to help build a sustainable Economy for Africans by Africans. But I realized it had to be Global to be stable and sustainable.

‘The Illumine Economy’ is both. Stable and Sustainable.

And it now will be the backbone of the Emerging Global Economy that will sustain the World through the remainder of the 21st Century and well into the next one.

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