What’s Missing From AGA Letter To Congress As Important As What’s In It

So here it comes. I said a couple months ago that the UK would probaly re-establish its role as a World Leader, as the US abdicates its Crown of Global Leadership. Britain is only too happy to take the job back from America. And in the last few days has begun making that point clear. Even outright saying that it is ready to go back to its long-time doctrne of “Making the World, England”. Only updating it to “Making the World, Britain”.

America left the Brits no real choice. In abandoning its Friends, Neighbors, Allies, Trading Partners, Partners in Security, etc. And promising more of the same, the United States left Great Britain hanging. With Russia’s recent aggression, even using chemical weapons on British Soil, the Brits couldn’t risk a Power Vacuum. So they stepped up and filled it.

Now it appears the United Kingdom will be stepping up Globally. Not just close to Home. In Donald Trump’s quest to convince the more isolationist among his Supporters that he’s their kind of Nationalist, he has inadvertently launched the New British Empire.

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