And The World Keeps Spinning Like Nothing Happened

She lived. She died. The World took no notice.

A Living Miracle died 3 1/2 weeks ago and the World missed it. Read 1st Corinthians. The description of Love. That was Diana. Who she was and how she lived. She truly was a Miracle and I’m not sure even some close to her realize it. They just liked how she made them feel.

I’m now her only Legacy. She and I were together for so long we had become a 3rd Person who was the two of us. Now I’ve lost the only Person who will truly matter more than the entire World to me and I’ve lost the Self I came to be and know. What’s left, I don’t know. But I know I will continue the work that meant so much to her.

But as I slayed dragons she stopped me from becoming one. Noone else will ever fill her shoes. Miracles don’t just come around every day. (Noone else will ever have my heart, either. She took it with her.)

So now dragons have noone to say to me “Be Nice”. I honestly don’t know how this all plays out. But I know the World never appreciated the moment in time that she was here.

Will it appreciate the hole her absence will leave?

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