More Than Ever, Sports Needs To Step Up

Several years ago, the Vatican started putting together an initiative to change the nature of Sports. With the transition to a new Pope, the effort fizzled amidst the flurry of other activity.

But it’s more needed today than it was then.

At the time the Vatican asked Tim Tebow to help. That shows where its head was, Character, Values, etc. All the things many complain Sports has lost. And at the highest levels, even mocked. But now America and much of the World is almost at a state of frenzy. Disbelief and disenchantment is running rampant.

Now, more than ever, Sports has to step in and be a force for solid stable unchanging values. The very things many feel are missing today.

But are Sports ready to do that? We’ll see. It’s certainly needed. Badly.

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