Zimbabwe: Coventry Meets Ausc Region Five Leadership

It’s been a long time coming. The Dearest One to me spent her life waiting, working and praying for it only to have it keep teasing her all her days. Is a Change Gonna Come?

It’s doubly important to me now that the changes promised finally come. Because Diana is one of many millions upon millions upon millions who expended their lives waiting for those wondrous changes that would transform the World. How many have dedicated their lives to it? I know she did. She dedicated her life to helping others and working for those changes that would make the World the Place of Dreams it’s capable of being…should be. I know others have as well.

Did they do it all in vain? Or is it simply left to those of us left behind to work harder to make certain theirs weren’t lives of quiet desperation. But lives spent laying the groundwork for the World they dreamed of seeing.

This one’s on all of us.

It’s more important than ever for Sports to step up and be the force for change, force for good that it can be…should be.

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