China’s Headed To The Dark Side Of The Moon

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I’m scouting it out for them. I’ve been on the Moon’s Dark Side for the last 2 weeks.

I sat in Grief Group. (Is that my life now?) Trying to explain the unexplainable to People I don’t know. Folks, I lived in the forest. I had one Person that I was around and many times only that 1 Person. And many years together before that. I literally don’t know how to carve a full Person out and forge a way ahead.

Everyone’s been great. But I have to force myself to keep going. And then the Moon’s Dark Side grabs me and I’m reminded I had a life and now I’m simply living. And that will be it.

I’m walking on the Dark Side of the Moon where there’s noone to notice. Is that why China is going there? Nobody will know what they’re doing.

In this giant fishbowl known as the 21st Century, where the entire World is just one great big Small Town. Everyone’s into everyone else’s business every day. Even the thoughts in your head feel invaded. I poke lions. And now I have noone to look out for. Meaning lions are about to find out what I’m like without one of the World’s Sweetest People constantly reminding me to play nice.

Y’all know my thing. The Masses. Diana’s was ‘Just be Nice’ and ‘Peace and Joy For Everyone’. She did it Retail with everyone she’d meet. And it was easy for her because that was who she truly was. Someone who more than anything wanted EVERYONE to experience Peace and Joy throughout their lives. Even when Life treated her unfairly, she wanted it to bend over backwards for everyone else. My thing is slaying dragons. The bigger, stronger, meaner, more powerful the better. Clearing pathways for those Masses to walk unobstructed and unbothered. Room to lie, breath, thrive.

Some People think America is one of those dragons. Some think it of China. I think China and America need their People to stand up, be noticed, demand to be heard and establish their place in the World, putting their Governments on notice that there will be no tolerance for dragons in their lives.

Including those Governments.

Only Chinese and Americans can put the World on a good path all by themselves. The two Most Powerful Nations and Peoples of the World. And they will set the World’s tone if done right. If not the rest of the World will eventually be done with the both.

Global Peace and Prosperity demand this. Maybe even Peace and Joy for Everyone. That was her Great Dream. God save anyone who tries to get in my way on trying to deliver that Dream for her.

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