Even as I’ve been lost in a haze that feels alot more like a Six Semper Satanis Fraternity Hazing gone horribly wrong, I keep hearing about this wall. And my thoughts harken back to old Baseball days when there were movable Outfield Walls. My mind, of course, shifts to that’s what we need. A movable wall.

But no. What we need are moving sidewalks. Lots of them. Then we can all stand firm in our convictions. Yet still move toward each other. Oh that we would do that.

I’m sick of the senselessness. Isn’t everyone else? Aren’t People tired? Aren’t they burned out?

I know I sure am.

I’m to my breaking point trying to com up with a new “Normal”. My ole normal is done. It will never return.

Are Americans ready to have their normal gone forever? Are they so ready for something new, something different, they don’t even care what it looks like?

Or the destruction getting there?

I can’t tell you what I would give to have my normal back. I would give my life for one more minute. One more moment. It’s a moment I can’t have.

What will America gladly give to get our normal back if we fritter it away with bitterness and backbiting? Because we could lose it. And then fine it’s gone forever. Take my word for it. That is not a feeling America wants to experience.

Do we even know what we’ll miss? Really? Let’s say we get what many millions on both sides of the squabble want and have full scale Race, Religion and Culture Clashes. We’ll lose 2 Generations to the aftermath. America is already losing its ability to recognize itself. It could fracture completely.

What would we give to get back our lost normal?

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