The 58 Million Who Will Change America

In 2017, 36% of the Workforce in the United States are Independent Workers. These 58 million will soon be 100 million and they will completely change America.

Largely born of the Recession, the many 10s of millions who opted for creating their own work to try to pay the bills, feed their families, keep their homes, are now mostly doing so for other reasons besides desperation. Topping the list is working for themselves. Flexibility is another, especially among the nearly half of all employed Millennials who are self-employed. And there’s another major reason.

They’re making very good money.

Over half of those who work full-time for a year will hit income levels over $75,000 a year. Over 15% will exceed a $100,000 a year pace. Most find things a little slow at first. But if they work smart, be patient, be diligent, just keep at it and keep looking for projects, for small jobs, for clients…the vast majority will succeed.

We don’t know how high the ceiling is. Or if there even is one. Many find themselves contracting their own Independent Workers to help fulfill jobs and soon find themselves having started highly successful small businesses. Gone are the days of worrying about the individuals who “have” to do “gig” work. And the way you know that is that image is no longer being portrayed by those seeking major government programs for lower income people. Today’s Independent Workers have health care, with fully 70% of them saying they want to pay for it themselves. As opposed to government programs. They slowly are providing themselves benefits including savings and retirement accounts.

It means taking stock of oneself. But that’s what they’re doing. They’re also getting themselves additional training and education at a rate more than twice that of those employed full time for others such as large companies.

It’s a diverse and mobile group and soon it will represent more than half of all Workers in America.

Nothing will be the same again.

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