The Emerging Merging Of Industries And Markets

Technology has already brought major problems. Household Appliances among the first to adopt the “Internet of Things” Technologies have already been hacked to create problems that go far beyond households.

This type of problem has only just begun as many billions of Consumer Products embed Smart Technologies that will never outsmart the Hackers. One day we may find the Global Banking Networks crashed by someone’s Toaster getting hacked.

Is that progress?

But some progressions are taking place. And among the effects is a rapid merging of Industries. And even Markets. The classification of Industry used to be simple. Manufacturing was Manufacturing. Transportation was Transportation. Information Systems were Information Systems. Telecommunications was Telecommunications. And Media was Media. Now all blend together. Media is becoming New Media which is smart, agile and deeply immersed in People’s daily lives and activities. These Entertainment trappings are now key to trapping information that is used to determine what needs to be built, where it should be built, how it will be sold to Consumers and how it will be delivered.

We are rapidly approaching the age where the lines between Industries will be impossible to define. We’ve already reached the point where Corporations have to have capability across all of these Industries to succeed in just one.

How will People respond to all of these changes? Go ask their Personal Assistant in their SmartPhone. Or the one on their Living Room coffee table. Or the one in the kitchen that runs their Appliances.

Maybe one of them can tell us.

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