It’s All About Self-Determination and Responsibility

Noone who is looking can miss it. But many are trying not to look. No matter how often it’s pointed out or by who.

The World is changing. More than it ever has. And when you consider the changes throughout History that have occurred, that is saying alot. The changes in Religions obviously have had huge impacts. But when you cut past the dogma, the historic reality is Culture changes Religion much more than Religion changes Culture. Even the Major Religions of today are different all over the World and as you look deeper what is revealed is those differences are primarily rooted in Historic Cultural differences. Even as lands have adopted new Religions, which is the centerpiece of the History of Religion, they have morphed those Religions into adapting to their Cultural norms far more than the reverse has been true.

Religion changes things. But never so much as it has been credited so.

Governments have changed and effected changes. The Revolutions of Democracy and Communism brought great change. But just as with Religion, Culture affected Government more than Government affected Culture.

The basic structures of things have largely stayed the same. You have had the “Powerful” and you have had the “Weak”. And even Democracy has not changed that. It has merely changed its names, players and occasionally operating modes.

But what has been happening today has never happened on this scale before. The People themselves are beginning to make their own decisions and grabbing their own self-determination so much, the Historically unmoved Top-Down Structure of things is tipping over.

And it’s doing it fast, by almost anyone’s standards. By Historic standards, it has been beyond breathtaking.

It will take some time for this new reality to truly sink in. And why wouldn’t it. Of all the things we have said throughout History that we have never seen before, this is by far the biggest. It will take time for the reality of the reality itself to sink in. Then it will take some time for a belief that it’s not just a temporary aberration. The People will have to fight against their own developed nature of not wanting to hope only to find it dashed as expected.

That’s a tough one. But everyone will get over it.

And one day we will wake up not only to a new World. But one we can finally realize actually exists. Exists how People have always thought it should, even if they could never convince themselves to believe it would.

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