Illumine Project Targets and Statuses

It’s no big secret that the goals of the Illumine Project are some of the most aggressive in history. But this is no typical time in history.

This is a rare historic age when changes are so dramatic as to be fundamental. Such periods are so uncommon there may only be 3 or 4 in all history.

This age is one that could be foreseen. The introduction of instant unfiltered global communication directly in the hands of the People of the World would make change. But how great the change and how steep the price. Change is never free. Because changes means someone feels they’re “losers”. In this case the losers are anyone who has had power, position, wealth. Anyone whose status depends on a status quo.

Because the changes we see are soundly fundamental in nature and effectively shift power and wealth into the hands of average individuals and away from elites. Even as middle classes and democracies evolved there were always gatekeepers, flow controllers, intermediaries, individuals, companies, governments and other organizations who sat between true exchange between Peoples of the World. But those are fading. Brokers, Bankers, Controllers of Trade Routes and Distribution and numerous others whose primary role was facilitate or block commerce and communications between People around the World.

The days of such intermediaries and constraints are over and won’t return in the lifetimes of anyone already born and perhaps generations more.

Now we enter the Age of Self-Determination Worldwide and so far it’s going amazingly smoothly without creating disruption. Eventually Old Economy and New will have to find a blend with sooner better than later. But force-fitting an artificial cohesion would be foolish and foolhardy. Especially when the natural forces are working so well.

Economies are booming far more than most numbers would indicate. Even auto manufacturing plants are opening up rapidly across Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. There are even significant Aviation Industries growing in Indonesia and other places most still don’t think of often.

The largest Industrial Age and Era of Global Growth are beginning and are already have enough solid footing that should Economic Dips take place as the transition marches forward, the overall huge growth trend will continue for another 20 years or more.

The interest in Illumine has been enormous. More than could have been hoped. And it continues to build. In every significant way the Illumine Project is succeeding faster and greater than was expected. It’s still a long haul, another decade. But Illumine’s start has been everything hoped for and more.