Victoria Reagan has the unenviable task of looking at the changes taking place in the world and netting it all down into simple description. Here are her thoughts on the Gig Economy. —————— THE “GIG” ECONOMY Introduction The human is facing a global emergency. Diseases, climate-related disasters, and extreme poverty are taking the lives of thousands of people every single day while millions are directly or indirectly affected. At the same time, public spending on essential services and social welfare has been drastically reduced by the government, making it increasingly difficult for many people to meet their basic needs (food, shelter, and clothing). This global emergency exists largely because for over several decades governments policies have emasculated the “sharing economy” also known as “global collaborative economy” – this is a system of redistribution of wealth that have been established over many generations. To address the issue of distribution of wealth […]

Technology has already brought major problems. Household Appliances among the first to adopt the “Internet of Things” Technologies have already been hacked to create problems that go far beyond households. This type of problem has only just begun as many billions of Consumer Products embed Smart Technologies that will never outsmart the Hackers. One day we may find the Global Banking Networks crashed by someone’s Toaster getting hacked. Is that progress? But some progressions are taking place. And among the effects is a rapid merging of Industries. And even Markets. The classification of Industry used to be simple. Manufacturing was Manufacturing. Transportation was Transportation. Information Systems were Information Systems. Telecommunications was Telecommunications. And Media was Media. Now all blend together. Media is becoming New Media which is smart, agile and deeply immersed in People’s daily lives and activities. These Entertainment trappings are now key to trapping information that is used […]

Noone who is looking can miss it. But many are trying not to look. No matter how often it’s pointed out or by who. The World is changing. More than it ever has. And when you consider the changes throughout History that have occurred, that is saying alot. The changes in Religions obviously have had huge impacts. But when you cut past the dogma, the historic reality is Culture changes Religion much more than Religion changes Culture. Even the Major Religions of today are different all over the World and as you look deeper what is revealed is those differences are primarily rooted in Historic Cultural differences. Even as lands have adopted new Religions, which is the centerpiece of the History of Religion, they have morphed those Religions into adapting to their Cultural norms far more than the reverse has been true. Religion changes things. But never so much as […]

It’s no big secret that the goals of the Illumine Project are some of the most aggressive in history. But this is no typical time in history. This is a rare historic age when changes are so dramatic as to be fundamental. Such periods are so uncommon there may only be 3 or 4 in all history. This age is one that could be foreseen. The introduction of instant unfiltered global communication directly in the hands of the People of the World would make change. But how great the change and how steep the price. Change is never free. Because changes means someone feels they’re “losers”. In this case the losers are anyone who has had power, position, wealth. Anyone whose status depends on a status quo. Because the changes we see are soundly fundamental in nature and effectively shift power and wealth into the hands of average individuals and […]